… here lies my tiny footprint on the interwebs that be.

.... not so sure about any of this .... My name is Edward Njoroge and currently I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer working for a lovely company called Mayflower Weddings Inc. based in Boston, MA.

I know only one thing, that I do not know. – Socrates.

What do I live for? I am an aspiring erudite, relentlessly pursuing after knowledge, seeking, searching, questioning and always willing to learn both new and old ideas alike. Additionally, I enjoy solving problems with the skills I gain with the hope of leaving this place better than I found it.

As a software developer, I have mid level skills, having worked on several projects some of which you can see on my portfolio (coming soon). I love C++ with its (humbling?) intricacies and have also worked with C, Java, Python, JavaScript (React and Node), Dart, and PHP/Laravel to name a few (I consider myself a polyglot and have made peace with it). I am equally good at working on Desktop and Web applications having used several frameworks and libraries in both fields. I also greatly enjoy the study of data structures and algorithms as I believe that anything that can be optimized, should be.

Besides that, I have a general interest in philosophy, mathematics, sociology and psychology. …..